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14th Richmond SBC update – 17 July 2020

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The 14th Richmond Boating Center remains closed, as my risk assessment – which is consistent with British Rowing and The Scouts, says – is too risky for instruction of young people.

I am visiting from time to time to check HQ and moorings/boats and do general maintenance. But I am still pretty busy with work and family, so not every week!

The HQ is accessible, and I have put up signage and provided hand sanitizer, antiseptic spray, wipes and kitchen towels  in strategic locations.
But.. if you need to visit, please let me know first.

The Fire alarm has developed a fault in one of the detectors, so I will order a new one, and replace it. but note the panel will be beeping periodically .  
BtW if any alarm/alert goes off, please let me know because they should not, and either a real alarm or a fault.
I have replaced the  starter motor and the pump float switch on Robin Arundel, so she is available for “single person” or appropriate others within govt guidelines… I still encourage any power competent people to keep their hand in, driving her.

Robin Rescue, is temporarily out of use as I took the opportunity for the outboard annual service (missed over the winter)

Trevor – Centre Manager

Robin Arundel

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Our Centre Work boat – Robin Arundel is now operational again after I spent a fun afternoon replacing the starter motor. The motor was damaged when the bilge pump float switch failed at the beginning of the COVID 19 lockdown, and flooded the starter motor. I have now replaced the switch and the solar panel for battery recharge, so apart from being rather grubby, the boat is back to normal operation.

Note for the future : changing the starter motor should really be a two handed task, as you have to reach under the engine from the stern to access one of the mounting bolts, along with unscrewing it with a long bar socket and ratchet from the bow. Also, as with most boats, the engine sump and bilges are not the cleanest of places to be rummaging about …. on the plus side social distancing is not a problem if you are covered in old engine oil and bilge water.


P.S Robin Arundel has an interesting history, and I will write this up when I get a moment.

Captain Guy Brocklebank RN RIP

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Guy Brocklebank sadly passed away last week , he never really recovered from an accidental fall last year.
For those that knew him , we will not forget the larger than life personality, who was a great supporter of traditional rowing on the Thames, through the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers, the TTRA , the Great River Race and many other related organisations, and a great friend of the 14th Richmond Viking Scout Boating Centre.
He will be greatly missed.

Scout Water weekend 2020-cancelled (tentative 2021 dates)

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Dear River Racers & Supporters,


Firstly, thank you for bearing with us in these difficult times. As you know we had hoped to be able to hold our Water Weekend in September but it is with great sadness that, due to Government Restrictions, we have decided that this will no longer be possible.

Whilst there has been some easing of the current lockdown situation, the safety of the Scouts and Leaders is our priority and we cannot operate safely under the necessary Government Covid 19 guidelines and restrictions that are in place. Mass participation events to include sporting events such as ours are still not permitted, with only groups of six people to be together outside at any time. This may ease further over the coming weeks but a number of our campers may still not be able to participate for health reasons.

I have been in touch with TYM and have provisionally booked for next year 11th, 12th & 13th June please let me know if this fits with your programme.

If it is your wish, we will of course refund your deposits in full or keep them until next year it’s up to you.

Vic Griffiths

Call to Oars – 34 Challenge

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At the beginning of May, The Jubilant Crew, bored of being away from the water for so long devised a team challenge, and made over £2000 for the NSPCC charity.

34 is the length in kilometers of the Great River Race which the Jubilant Crew have trained for and raced in every year since the boat was built

You can read more in the Richmond and Twickenham Times article

This was the Challenge sent out to all

The Crew of The Royal Shallop Jubilant is asking ALL rowers in the UK to join us in a fundraiser for the NSPCC by completing
The “34” Challenge

Individuals, households and virtual crews are invited to complete The “34” Challenge, representing the 34km of the annual Great River Race. Then donate via our JustGiving page- and post achievements on our dedicated facebook page

  • a call to oars –

Updated Operations manual

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The Centre operations manual update is now done for 2020 (it was done earlier but I had no way to re-publish) it can be found under the “Important Document” link in the header menu


Update 22 March – 14th Richmond SBC – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Hi all – this is the previous post – from March sent by email repeated
I had the HQ cleaned on the morning of Sat 21st , so all bins empty and surfaces and floor clean for when we need the centre again.
Today I  went out on the river on Robin Arundel helped by my eldest son, and we bailed all the 14th boats , cleaned Fan Maker and put her on the Scout moorings with the cover and hoops back on (one hoop missing and cover may need adjusting later)So all tucked away for the duration…

MarkE (and maybe others interested) :  I also bailed RG’s orange boat and did a quick run around the other local boats. All Ok (although one cutter – not ours- is only bow tied on the trot -I did not get to sort this as ran out of time) Also speaking (or shouting across the pontoon ) to Mark B.. the PLA/Richmond lock keeper have been (verbally) advising river users that if the virus impacts the Richmond Lock employees they -may- longer be able to operate the curtain, so in this case the river will run out as per the Draw Off.  – There has been no official warning from the PLA, and I hope we will get proper alert of any problems.
Will keep everyone informed, and if anyone fancies doing the boat checks (as a couple of hours out of home confinement – and is safe operating Robin A or Robin R, let me know) 
Again:…. please let me know if anyone visiting the HQ , I am  trying to schedule any visits to prevent person-person contact. 
All the best Trevor

Hello New Website!

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This is a prototype site with the new Scout branding and hopefully with more dynamic content