Update 22 March – 14th Richmond SBC – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Hi all – this is the previous post – from March sent by email repeated
I had the HQ cleaned on the morning of Sat 21st , so all bins empty and surfaces and floor clean for when we need the centre again.
Today I  went out on the river on Robin Arundel helped by my eldest son, and we bailed all the 14th boats , cleaned Fan Maker and put her on the Scout moorings with the cover and hoops back on (one hoop missing and cover may need adjusting later)So all tucked away for the duration…

MarkE (and maybe others interested) :  I also bailed RG’s orange boat and did a quick run around the other local boats. All Ok (although one cutter – not ours- is only bow tied on the trot -I did not get to sort this as ran out of time) Also speaking (or shouting across the pontoon ) to Mark B.. the PLA/Richmond lock keeper have been (verbally) advising river users that if the virus impacts the Richmond Lock employees they -may- longer be able to operate the curtain, so in this case the river will run out as per the Draw Off.  – There has been no official warning from the PLA, and I hope we will get proper alert of any problems.
Will keep everyone informed, and if anyone fancies doing the boat checks (as a couple of hours out of home confinement – and is safe operating Robin A or Robin R, let me know) 
Again:…. please let me know if anyone visiting the HQ , I am  trying to schedule any visits to prevent person-person contact. 
All the best Trevor