Maintenance work on the Boats

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Hercules sunk

Over the last few weekends I have been repairing damage done to Robin Arundel during the rescue of Hercules in the New Year Hercules sunk a second time, and I damaged the prop and mounting when we ran over a lose mooring line.

RA Whale Pump

Neale also been down to give me a hand by fixing the manual Whale Pump which got debris jammed inside. This pump is tricky to remove and service, but Neale has made things easier by re-tapping the holes so he pump can be dismounted in the future. Neale also helped replace all the other pump piping in the boat, as these hoses had become brittle with age

Robin Arundel jury rig fix

I have finally got round to re-epoxying the damaged prop thrust mounting in the hull , currently jammed into place with blocks of wood. Till now it had been too cold for the epoxy to cure properly

Main Salvage pump hose
Replacement Main Salvage pump hose