14th Christmas Breakfast at your own home


Although my last rather depressing post indicated that I could not run the Christmas Breakfast this year, which would have destroyed an almost 90 year continuous run, the Group even met during the second world war, and also while still building the old HQ.

But… my wife had a brilliant idea, everyone could have a 14th style breakfast fry-up at home, photo the results and send them to me. I could the create an on-line collage/gallery to show the Breakfast still took place.

I plan to go down to the HQ and raise the flag on the day (photo will be provided) and you will be glad that my annual report would have been strangely empty this year… so nothing missed there! So please join in and have your own 14th Richmond Christmas Breakfast at home on the Sunday before Christmas. 9:30-10am start and don’t forget your irons.

Send me a picture on BoatingCentre@RichmondScouts.org.uk

And for reference the menu is below (with translation)… though feel free to add your own twist or interpretation.

All the best Trevor

  • Leaky  coracle with port light – Grapefruit or melon with red cherry
  • Salty thwarts – bacon
  • Stranded jellyfish – fried egg
  • Torpedoes  – sausages
  • Barnacles – mushrooms
  • Duck boards – fried bread
  • Fenders with grease – roll with butter
  • Cods eyes  (covered) – mince pies
  • Bilgewater – tea
  • Anti-fouling – coffee (with/without..rum)