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News 2012


Jubilant again took part in The Lord Mayor's Show being rowed by her usual crew. As so often this year it involved an early start (thanks to the 13th Twickenham for use of their mini bus) and quite a bit of rain! Nevertheless it was yet another opportunity for us to row through central London.

The following day Jubilant and Viking were rowed up to Isleworth to be taken out of the water over the winter for some maintenance. We'll be back on the water at the end of March next year.


We are pleased to say that this year's Great River Race was a success for all our participating boats; for once the weather was bright and sunny, although the strong headwind from Kew Bridge to Richmond presented a late challenge...

Jubilant passing Westminster, 2012 Great River Race

The results are here. Names to search for are Gordon Hall, George Williams II, Viking and Jubilant. We'll all be back on the 7th September next year for yet another attempt!

The 2012 Great River Race takes place on 15th September. The Jubilant crew and the Old Rovers will be taking part as usual. The start time at Millwall is 10:40am so expect the first boats to be passing through Richmond from 2:00pm onwards.


Photos from the Olympic torch procession are now in the gallery.


July 27th saw the Jubilant, rowed by our instructors, take part in the Olympic torch procession from Hampton Court down river to Putney.

Jubilant in the Olympic Torch Procession, July 2012

Needless to say there was some rain, although this time it wasn't as bad as the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Sadly there wasn't enough wind to keep the Richmond District flag billowing at the stern; our 14th Richmond scarves were worn with much pride though.


I think it's safe to say that the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant was one of our wettest ever days out on the river, but wonderful fun, and the BBC were there to record it for us. BBC London's report can be found here. And if Anjana and her camera are feeling brave then the Great River Race is in September...

Jubilant in the Diamond Jubilee Pageant, June 2012

We were very pleased to have Vanessa Feltz of BBC London radio fame on board as well. Vanessa made regular live broadcasts throughout the day, so we had to be on our best behaviour. Something that's quite a challenge to some of our rowers! However, she was lovely and she's always welcome back on the Jubilant. Her thoughts on the day are here.

Due to the truly awful weather the Viking had to be towed (under much protest!) for the final mile or so of the parade. However, it did mean that the Old Rovers were able to join the crew of the Jubilant at Greenland Pier for a warm and dry journey back to Richmond on the Yarmouth Belle. Many, many thanks to Richard Turk for that; I'm sure he's never had so many wet rowers on one of his boats before!

Photos of the memorable day are in the latest gallery.


We're very pleased to say that we'll be represented in the Queen's Diamond Jubliee Pageant that takes place on June 3rd. The Jubilant will be very close to the front of the flotilla, just behind her bigger and newer sister the Gloriana. The Old Rovers will be there with the Viking; they will be near the north bank of the river and around eight boats back from the Jubilant. You'll also see the Lady Mayoress, the Robin Hood invasion boats, our cutters and the skerry taking part. If you're near the river on the day, do give us a cheery wave! Full details of the event can be found here.


The Jubilant and the Viking are now back on the water after their winter makeovers.

The Hut, February 2012

The crew of the Jubilant have been given a makeover as well, although the new hats haven't arrived yet... Thanks to all who gave up their time to work on her, especially Steve, Dave, Colin and Sandra. We also have some very shiny new oars for special occasions thanks to Neale. And many thanks to the 3rd Osterley Sea Scouts for providing our winter home. More photos can be found here.


Work continues on the Jubilant and we're now hoping that she'll be re-launched in April. Meanwhile back on dry land we've finally moved into our new headquarters, a move that has seen the old hut demolished...


We've now started the process of moving from The Hut into our new headquarters. It's amazing how much "stuff" we've accumulated over the years!

The Hut, February 2012

The skip was full to overflowing by the time we'd finished...


Work on re-furbishing the Jubilant is now under way, and we hope to have her back on the water in March.

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