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Booking Form

Please read the following before making a booking, especially if it's your first time!

  • Non-residential badge or qualification courses may take up to four or more evenings to complete the relevant training

  • Additional land based work may be required on return to complete the course

  • An evening's casual rowing session will usually be between 60 and 90 minutes depending upon the time of year and river conditions

  • Bouyancy aids must be worn by all when on the water

  • All participants must be able to swim 50m. It is the responsibility of the leaders to familiarise themselves with the organisation activity rules, which can be found here

  • Party leaders are responsible for providing emergency contact details for all participants; this should be handed to the skipper on arrival

  • All bookings are dependent on the availability of our boats, river conditions (tide and flood water) and suitably qualified instructors / skippers

  • All boat instructors have qualified to the Scout Association regulations for water activities, are first aid trained and CRB checked

Group Group must be entered!
Casual rowing Weekday course Residential course
Badge / qualification
Other qualification
No. of rowers No. of rowers must be entered!Must be a number! No. of leaders Number of leaders must be entered!Must be a number!
Start time Evening rowing usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes
Preferred date(s) Dates must be entered!
Alternative date(s)
Name Name must be entered!
E-mail address E-mail must be entered!Not a valid e-mail address!
You should receive an email from us within the hour
If not please email us at rowing@14thrichmondsbc.org.uk
Daytime number Daytime phone number must be entered! Mobile number Mobile number must be entered!
It is essential that we can contact you on the day in case of any difficulties with the river, weather etc.
2nd name 2nd name must be entered! 2nd mobile number 2nd mobile must be entered!
This should be the second member of the party due to participate; it should be a mobile number